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hiring plans. melissa: yee. >> so it's a real world impact. melissa: catherine, i want to ask you, taxes going up, what is the impact one way or the other on your business? >> well, let's talk about my fastsigns franchises. i will agree with jamie, 97% of our franchisees are sup chapter s or llcs. they're paying income tax on personal income tax return. $50,000 may sound like a lot of money if that is your salary. besides paying mortgage and putting food on the table you will reinvest. if part of the dollars are spent on higher taxes you're not going to. as taxes go up our franchisees's customers are small businesses. they will have less money to spend because they're also pass-through entities. they will buy less from our fastsigns franchises. if taxes go up on middle income people, if that happens because of the fiscal cliff, they will spend less money at the cash register. those people will buy less from fastsigns. melissa: thank you for being here. promise me you will all come back. >> we'll come back. melissa: thank you. >> thank you. melissa: just when you thought there couldn't be
reimbursement for medicare that congress rolls back year after year, these cuts often don't happen. melissa: yee. >> we need serious entitlement reform as boehner proposed. raising eligibility age and changing indexing of benefits. melissa: without question. we're not even close to that. i mean, steve, when you look at these numbers and a lot of people think boehner has gone a great distance today, we're still talking about $460 billion. that is 2.8% of the national debt. in other words almost nothing. >> right, exactly. i think that is the key context for all of these discussions. while i agree with roger i think we've moved closer to some kind of an agreement i would stop short of calling it a big agreement. this would be a small agreement. i think in the broader context, certainly of the debate. in the broader context of the kinds of entitlement reforms and spending reductions we need to see, this will most likely be sort of a patchwork deal with things slopped together at the last minute. i do think the week between christmas and new year's is likely to be key and it won't do much to change
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)